The Robertson Memorial Library serves as the public information provider for our community, using traditional and innovative technology to encourage curiosity, free inquiry and lifelong learning in a friendly environment.


Library Hours

  • Tuesday
  • 10AM - 5PM
  • Wednesday
  • 10AM - 6PM
  • Thursday
  • 10AM - 5PM
  • Friday
  • 10AM - 5PM
  • Saturday
  • 10AM - 2PM

Computer Policy

Acceptable Use Policy
For computers and Internet access

Welcome to Robertson Memorial Library’s Internet Access and computer usage. Internet access at the library is an extension of the library’s commitment to meeting the community’s information needs. To maximize availability of this resource and insure fair accessibility for all, please follow the following computer and internet access guidelines that include the library’s policies, rules, and procedures.  Have fun exploring the Internet, but remember that many times you will find the specific information you need already here in the library in the form of books and periodicals.


  • Robertson Memorial Library allows access to the Internet for educational research purposes only – no chat lines, Internet games, downloading, etc.
  • Users must be patrons of the library in good standing (no overdues)
  • Users must have signed an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement.   Under 16 yrs. of age the agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • The computers are on a first come, first serve basis and may be used up to 1/2 hr (2 hour maximum daily)
  • You must sign in on the computer log located at the circulation desk.
  • Printed copies are $.15 per page (only black and white available)
  • Children who have not completed the fifth grade must be accompanied by an adult while using the computers an/or internet.
  • Computer workstations are designed for use by one person at a time.
  • Internet access may not be available or slow due to technical problems.
  • All computers will be turned off 10 minutes before closing.


Staff assistance

Library staff cannot provide in-depth training on using the computers and/or the Internet.  We can get you started, answer general questions, and offer suggestions on search strategies.

Adopted by the Robertson Memorial Library Jan. 2003

Library Borrowing Policy

Eligibility for Borrowing

All residents of C-1 Lafayette School District are eligible to become registered borrowers of the Robertson Memorial Library by complying with the following:

  1. New borrowers must complete an application form and provide verification of identity and current address. Patrons unable to provide address verification will be limited to 1 item.
  2. Residents of any age may become registered borrowers. A parent or legal guardian of an applicant under age 16 must sign the child’s application card. Library staff has the right to request age verification before a card is issued.
  3. The Robertson Memorial Library does not issue library cards.  Please tell the check out desk your name and your information will be verified via the computer.

Any material circulated by the Robertson Memorial Library may be borrowed by patrons without regard to age.

Library privileges are issued for two years. A patron with an expired library card will be asked to update current information.

Interlibrary Loan

A book not owned by Robertson Memorial Library can be requested via interlibrary loan. There is no charge for this service, and established patrons (frequent users of the library in good standing) are limited to no more than two (2) title requests at one time.   Borrowed items must be returned before additional titles may be requested.  Deliveries are once a week on Tuesday afternoons.

No digital video materials will be interlibrary loaned from other libraries for Robertson Memorial Library patrons.

Loan periods for materials borrowed from another library will be those of the lending library.

Effective: 2/01/2008

Gift Policy

Gifts can greatly improve the capacity and quality of the Library’s collection and are encouraged by the Board of Trustees and Staff. They will be accepted for the collection subject to the same principles of selection as are applied to materials purchased with Library funds.

Although donors of funds may suggest subjects or titles to be acquired with their donation, the Library reserves the right of final selection of titles which will enhance the Library’s collection and meet the criteria of the Materials Selection Policy .

Monetary gifts may be designated as Memorials to honor a deceased friend or relative or may be of a general character. No special shelves or sections will be designated for gift collections, but an appropriate book plate will be placed in each book purchased from donated funds. Library staff will place books where they belong in relation to other books in the collection for the best use of materials.

The Library will not accept materials which are not outright gifts, and reserves the right, as conditions change, to assign any of its materials wherever the need is the greatest. In most instances, the books or materials will be assigned to the community library where they were received. All gifts must be in usable physical condition. Because of the limitations of space, money and staff, the Library reserves the right to accept or discard, at its discretion, any materials sent to the Library and branches. Because of wear, theft and mutilation, the permanence of gifts cannot be guaranteed.

The Library makes every effort to dispose of all gift materials it cannot use to the very best advantage, such as through sales.

Gifts of Real Property, stock or large monetary gifts will be considered and accepted as the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Patron Behavior Policy

The Library Board has the responsibility to provide a pleasant, orderly facility conducive to concentrated and effective use of library materials and services. Its responsibility does not extend to provision of space for work or study by groups or individuals not using library materials or services.

The administration has the responsibility for maintaining order in the Library to assure a pleasant experience for all users. To meet this responsibility, the staff will need to intervene in situations at the Library that present danger to the safety of persons or property, interfere with the rights of others, constitute disturbing or inappropriate uses of the Library and that involve the commission of illegal acts.

Robertson Memorial Library– Code of Conduct:

These rules have been adopted for the comfort and protection of all those using library materials and services. They will be courteously, but firmly, enforced by the Library staff. We ask your cooperation in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to the effective use of library materials and services.

  1. Disruptive behavior will not be permitted. This includes disorderly conduct, noise or activity, whether intentional or inadvertent, that interferes with the rights of others, physical abuse, abusive or threatening language and misuse of library furnishings. Expulsion from the Library and/or loss of library privileges may result from continued violations.
  2. Soliciting is prohibited.
  3. Persons committing theft, vandalism or other illegal acts are subject to prosecution.
  4. Guide dogs are the only animals permitted in the building.
  5. Smoking is not permitted in the building
  6. Eating is not permitted in any public areas except at meetings or special library programs when so designated by the sponsor.
  7. Covered drinks are permissible in public areas and shall be disposed of when finished.
  8. The use of cell phones is discouraged in the library.